Maria Hillgardener - Alberta, Canada

I had a wonderful experience with Lien when she worked on me with something that really bothered me. 

An unexpected event happened in my life that not only took me by surprise but caused me a lot of heartache. Something I had never experienced before. 

My session with Lien helped me move my pain and energy around the topic and helped me find peace around it."

Chellee Chase- New Mexico, USA

With her exceptional coaching skills and her calm, understanding personality, Lien has helped me make important progress and improvements in my life.

She has helped me gain mobility in my hip which was a physical issue that had been bothering me for a long time.  She also helped me with my focus and motivation, enabling me to conquer projects I was working on and was able to finish with a high level of quality. 

I highly recommend Lien. I am stronger and better than before!

Gloria Lechky - Alberta, Canada

"It was such a pleasure to work with Lien.  Lien is very passionate about her work as a coach.  She is gentle and yet very professional. 

In the session with Lien,  I wanted to work towards having a better relationship with a family member.  I resented that this individual demonstrated very controlling behavior towards me.  This relationship prevents me from having a great relationship with my sister as a result.  I was sad and disappointed because of this situation. I realize that I felt judged by my Mom which caused me to be judgmental of myself and others; subsequently I felt judged by this family member. 

Lien was able to quickly clear the blocks I had around this very challenging relationship. Almost as soon as the

Stefan Smith 

"I had my first session with Lynn after some doubt and skepticism. What I experienced was truly mind altering and elevating. I came to her with a weight hanging on me that was a combination of fear, anxiety, regret and guilt. At the end of a meditative session involving my conscious, subconscious and superconscious states I felt as if a weight on my mind and body had been lifted. This is far different than traditional LMFT therapy. Much deeper and more effective."

Chad Nicholson

"I came to see Lien because I had a torn calf muscle and pain on my right back below my ribs. She helped me enormously, getting back up to speed. My back pain is better and I am able to take walk with my dog now."

Jennifer Lam

"I have had headache for a month, and I saw doctor, took tylenol and all the things but since seeing Lien, I feel less anxious and lighter. I feel better. I feel amazing. I can move my neck better now when I am driving."

Parisa Griess

"I have muscle and nerve pain in my hands for a year. I had tried acupuncture, physical therapy, and inflammatory medication, but therapy with Lien is the only one giving me relief. I am able to flex my fingers now. "