My name is Lien Le.   I escaped from Vietnam with my family after The Vietnam War and got sponsored  to America at the age of eleven years old in 1982. 

Without fundamental education, I studied very hard to achieve an American Dream. Finished college. Married and had two wonderful children. Built a successful  business. Have a nice house and cars. 

Life seemed perfect from the outside, but from the inside,  I felt sad, unhappy and unfulfilled. Then, my marriage ended in 2006 and I crashed financially during  2008 real estate  bubble burst. Like the phrase," When it rains, it pours."  I was in $20,000 credit card debts and about $100,000 family loans. With two young kids to support, rent and bills due every month made me sick to my stomach.   I was drained emotionally, financially, mentally and physically.

I avoided socializing because I was ashamed of my situation. 

I began to spend time alone, and self-reflecting when I was not working.  Through this journey, I subconsciously reconnecting with myself and healing memories of my past that I was unaware of that negatively impacted me and my life. 

During my inner work, a childhood memory resurfaced. It overwhelmed me with great sorrow which I wouldn't wish upon anybody. Immediately after, a heavenly, blissful joy followed and showered me with  love and peace that I had never experienced before. It transformed my thinking and geared my actions to initiate a happy living for myself and everyone else.

This experience inspires me to find ways to help people out of pain emotionally and physically.   Since then, I have been searching  and studying impactful methodologies to help people experience internal shifts that change everything from the inside out to be liberated from emotional suffering, and effective therapies to get rid of physical pain for freedom to move freely. 

Again, thank you for visiting our site, I am looking forward to be working with you. 

Below are my credentials. 

  • The Reconnection
  • A2Z Health Massage Therapy School
  • Institute for Integrative Nutrition
  • Manifesting All Possibilities Institute
  • Neurocoaching -Dr Shannon Irvine