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Aug 25, 2019
Life is a process of healing, growth, transformation, transition and transcending.
Within each of us is a soul, an energy that connects to who we are as individuals and the Universal Energy as a whole.
Our conscious is evolving but our subconscious is trapped. We become so disconnect within, and subsequently have lost the ability to truly be whole. As a result, we are lost in our own creation. We have created the matrix in which we're living in that creates so much confusion but yet we're protecting it with all our might because that is all we have known.
Our purpose is to use this body for purification to reconnect with who we  truly are as a whole. 
Some of us have realized that the matrix we have created is trapping us and making us sick but we have a tough time getting out of it. Some of us have reached the low and the low and have been stuck there. Others have been bending the matrix, and breakthrough, we are bringing awareness to those who are still in the matrix so that we all can join bending the matrix to reach our higher-selves where everything flows. Where our conscious mind and subconscious mind get synchronized, our body feels safe and calm. Where the visible reality emerges with the invisible. Where wholeness is inclusive not exclusive.
First we have to be aware of the matrix that we have created. We are trained to value external physical over internal beings through our lives that we hardly know who we are. What we think we know is not congruent with what we feel we are.
External factors teach us knowledge and skills which may or may not align with our souls. It teaches us rules to follow, facts to believe, and skills to practice for survival as well as holding position and titles in life. They require us to abide by standards, perceptions, tradition, cultures, religion, school institutions and government systems. They become our basis of life. They become our beliefs. We rely on them to define who we are but internally we don't feel quite true. Overtime, we become disconnected with who we are.
With technology invention, we even become more disconnect with our selves. Some of us are not fully utilizing our five senses. We forget to breathe properly. We rarely smile. We begin to lose personal interaction and communication. We hear each other but often we misunderstand each. We barely have time for each other, and we think we know each other base on the standards we are taught. As a result, we  don't know how to deeply connect with one another, and we forget that the fuel that make us come alive most is deep human connection. 
What man-made are ideas. They are not nature. They are for the purpose of entertainment, convenience and survival. We create confusion when we attach ourselves to them.
Life is not all about entertainment to the point where we lost touch with our internal beings. Our internal beings crave for deep human connection, genuine understanding and compassionate caring. It is the power within us that gets charge when we truly connects. It is where we find our truth. It is where we discover and know who we are without a doubt. It is verbal and non-verbal. It is the known and unknown. It is the intention and the awareness. It is our wholeness. It is where we belong. It is where we discover what love really is.
It is an internal practice long forgotten. It is a spiritual practice. It is any practice that nurtures the soul and transform us. It harmonizes and grounds us. It aligns our mind, body and soul. It gives us wisdom, empathy, compassion, loving and clarity. Mostly importantly, it brings contentment and purpose to our life.
The initial process to live a healthier and happier life is to heal the unresolved issues within. Then practice the following to move forward to Higher-Self.
1. Be authentic
2. Listen deeply
3. Speak wisely
4. Take accountability
5. Make a difference
6. Learn & Grow
Lien Le